Thursday, March 14, 2013

Summer Math Review by ThinkStretch

Summer math review is one of the grade specific workbooks designed by ThinkStrech and focus on computation skill practice and concept review. It is available for Kindergarten heading to 1st Grade through 5th Grade heading to 6th Grade. Student who decided to improve their math skills during the summer period and use math review should complete two worksheets per week. One of them typically reviews a specific math concept, where the other one practices computation skills like addition and multiplication facts. ThinkStrech believes that the goal of the math worksheets is to maintain school year proficiency in mastered skills.

Using puzzles, riddles and entertaining graphics summer math review workbooks help to obtain and practice different math skills by grade. For example, if your child is kindergarten and heading to first grade, math review would focus on practicing skills like pattern completion, shape recognition in geometry, size comparison, count backward, etc. The difficulty level of math worksheets is higher with each following grade.

Since 2007, Ms. Lasinski, a creator and an owner of ThinkStrech Summer Learning program, is helping in closing children achievement gap. Ms. Lasinski believes the main goal of the summer program is to stop the achievement gap before it even begins by offering summer reviews, such as math review for example. For more detailed description of what math skills your child can practice once involved in the summer math review, please visit ThinkStrech website.

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