Monday, November 26, 2012

Looking for a neurosurgeon in Michigan?

The nervous system is considered the most complex system in our bodies, thus the idea of neurosurgery may seem unsettling. Neurosurgery is primarily performed to prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate disorders which affect any part of the nervous system, mainly the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Though neurosurgery may relieve immediate pain in patients, the main and most important reason it’s conducted is to protect and repair your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves from disease and further injury. Because of its complexity, neurosurgeons should have extensive training and experience to provide the necessary level of care and treatment that is required to return patients to their best health.

Luckily for those seeking for neurosurgery in Michigan there is Lansing Neurosurgery. They offer patients with board-certified physicians capable of treating a variety of brain and spinal disorders and traumas, with the best surgical and nonsurgical techniques for each patient’s unique situation. Lansing Neurosurgery is a Centis Health partner with the Spine Center, which means any needed post surgery rehabilitation will go more smoothly. Also, all of Lansing Neurosurgery’s neurosurgeons are Associate Clinical Professors of Medicine at Michigan State University and serve as neurosurgeons to MSU Spartan Athletics. Their experience and continued training make them a great choice for any patient’s neurosurgery needs.

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