Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer Workbooks Keep Students Engaged

Ah, summer. Sunshine, pools, popsicles, and best of all FUN. Everyone knows fun is the most important part of summer. That’s why ThinkStretch Summer Program has developed engaging and yes, fun, activities for their summer workbooks. ThinkStretch Summer Program offers summer workbooks on a variety of subjects, each chalked full of mindful fun.

To make sure summer reading workbooks are engaging for every student, children choose their own reading selections. Summer workbooks do not include any dry pre-printed reading selections, the type kids often ignore. This way, reading is simultaneously tailored to the interests and reading level of each individual. Engaging readers in this way encourages children to actually enjoy meeting their goal of 20 minutes of reading per day.

ThinkStretch summer workbooks for writing aim to engage writers with one weekly piece, tailored to their age level. Early writers are encouraged with weekly projects like making a list and drawing pictures of what they did that week. More experienced writers are encouraged to use more creativity in their pieces and write more in-depth pieces, like ‘drive-by’ stories.

Even math can be fun in the sun. Summer workbooks for math are designed to help your student retain what they’ve mastered during the school year using puzzles and riddles to keep math interesting for students.

Every week is something new, exciting and best of all fun with ThinkStretch summer program. Summer workbooks are available for every level of elementary student, ranging from Kindergarten heading to 1st grade to 5th grade heading to 6th grade. Summer workbooks are the solution to engage students during the summertime to keep them excited about learning; no more summer brain drain.

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