Friday, March 15, 2013

Think Safety and Style: Install LED Exterior Lighting

One of the easiest ways to add security to a home or business is to have it sufficiently lit at night. Lighting not only lights walkways for guests and customers, but detracts burglars from targeting your home or office if they can easily be seen from the street. Exterior LED lighting is a relatively inexpensive security measure, is energy efficient and won’t give off a harsh glare.

Strategically placed exterior LED lighting is also stylish and can add curb appeal. Consider installing lights that will mimic moonlight and:

  • Light up pathways.
  • Highlight trees.
  • Accent architectural features like archways and doors with directional lighting.
  • Show-off the beautiful landscape you have installed by placing lighting between shrubs.
  • You can chose white light or add colors for drama.

Exterior LED lighting offers value for home and business owners. It also offers eye-candy for people passing by because of the dramatic effect it creates.

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