Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking for Seafood in Ann Arbor?

If you desire the freshest, highest quality Ann Arbor seafood available at affordable prices, reserve your next dining experience at Weber’s Restaurant. Located just outside of the downtown area, Weber’s offers a variety of seafood choices at the peak of their seasons and represents the new standard for seafood dining in the city. In its commitment to culinary excellence, Weber’s obtains only the freshest seafood from local waters and beyond.

With a passion for serving guests the best seafood at the highest culinary standards, Weber’s Ann Arbor seafood restaurant offers a variety of luxurious seafood options from our very own Great Lakes including whitefish, perch, and walleye dishes. Entrées and appetizers range from freshly caught Michigan lake fish and seafood sourced exclusively from the East Coast such as oysters, calamari, escargot, shrimp, tuna, and live Maine lobster.

Weber’s Restaurant offers an unbeatable selection of seafood dishes which provide a good source of protein and a wide range of health benefits. This Ann Arbor seafood restaurant delivers a truly unique dining experience that is sure to impress. If you are looking for the finest service and seafood in the Ann Arbor area, make Weber’s Restaurant your next selection in dining out.

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