Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ann Arbor Company Helps Clients Worldwide to Measure Thin Film

k-Space Associates, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of thin-film characterization tools for research, development, and production. With in-situ, in-line, and ex-situ metrology tools for the semiconductor, thin-film, and photovoltaic (PV) industries, k-Space Associates provides technology and metrology services that offer a wide variety of solutions for your business.

Giving the best technical support in the industry, k-Space always has friendly customer service agents and skilled engineers willing to help you. Their services are used worldwide in both research and production as they offer in house metrology services that include wafer curvature, bow height, and tilt characterization. The service is first-rate with rapid testing and powerful thin-film characterization measurements. With sophisticated thin-film analysis and reporting capabilities, k-Space can provide solutions for clients looking for monitoring all thin-film deposition processes.

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