Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Plan Ahead to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

For kids and parents, there’s a lot of reasons to look forward to summer. Lazy days spent playing in the backyard, nights free of homework and school projects, getting to stay up late watching TV, riding bikes - it’s like a weekend all the time!

The problem? Kids go back to school in the fall, and it can feel like they have forgotten almost everything they learned the previous year! Most school-aged children will lose some mathematical and computational knowledge, and almost all will have reading setbacks. The good news? Steps to prevent summer learning loss can make a big difference in school the next fall.

Ideal summer learning programs are fun, include achievement-based activities, rewarding kids for their participation; this helps kids feel more engaged in what they’re doing and rewards them for participating. After all, kids absorb much more when they’re having fun learning! A program to prevent summer learning loss through specially-designed interactive workbooks allows your kids to keep engaged with learning, feel accomplished, and get real rewards (like a fun medal!). It allows them to be creative and think critically while learning, like... say, someone at a education marketing company does! It will pay off going from one grade to the next, and far less stressful on parents, teachers, and kids themselves.

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