Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cast Iron Wheels Provide Maximum Load Capacity

There are many different types of caster wheels, ranging from durable to fragile. When most are looking to purchase caster wheels, they want something on the durable side of the spectrum. The strongest and most durable caster wheel is the cast iron wheel.

Caster Concepts in Albion, Michigan, offers the most durable cast iron casters that are made from class 30 gray iron. Class 30 gray iron provides the maximum load capacity, and impact strength for the cast iron wheels, which is vital. Cast iron wheels are also valuable in the sense that they can withstand extreme heat and still remain strong. These cast iron wheels are good for indoor and outdoor situations that may be encountered.

When searching for a caster wheel, most would like to choose the most durable option. Cast iron caster wheels fulfill this preference.

Update:: Visit Caster Concepts at their booth at ProMat 2015, McCormick Center in Chicago, March 23-26, 2015.

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