Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Solar Panels in Historic Neighborhoods

Everyone is going green, but sometimes going green can causes problems. For instance, getting permission to install solar panels on your house in a historic neighborhood. Most historical districts have strict zoning rules for homeowners who want to change the look of the historic home. Some historic districts allow solar panels to be installed on historic homes but there are many limitations and usually it is not worth the cost. For a Ann Arbor solar company this is not really an issue. In fact, this city is open to the idea of updating historic homes with green technology.

Solar panels that are installed properly and with conscious effort to blend into the home would not take away from the historic charm of the home. Ann Arbor wants their residents to be able to experience all the benefits of green energy so limiting solar panel installation in the historical district does not make sense. In the article "Can solar panels and historic preservation get along?", Kaid Benfield said, “I believe that historic preservation in the right context – a healthy neighborhood – can be intrinsically green.”

Ann Arbor solar company Sunventrix can help homeowners install solar panels on their historic homes. The company offers free estimates to potentials customers to help them start experiencing all the benefits of green energy.

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