Monday, July 23, 2012

LED Street Lighting in Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor street lighting project is expected to save the city $5,600 annually. The city installed 58 new LED street light fixtures in the rental housing areas near the University. The city of Ann Arbor was looking at ways to improve the lighting in the area while keeping costs low. The new street light fixtures are expected to cut energy costs by 50 perfect and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. Since the city will be saving almost $6,000 a year on their energy bill, the cost of the the LED street lighting fixtures will pay for themselves in 4 years. Ann Arbor has made a conscious effort to start switching their outdoor lights to LED street lights since 2006, the city has installed 1,300 LED light fixtures since and has 500 more planned for this summer. LED street lighting is the best option for cities, it can save the city money, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce maintenance costs since LED street lights do not require any maintenance for 10 years. Conventional street lighting is a thing of the past, cities are now upgrading to LED street lighting.

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