Friday, May 25, 2012

Solar Panels for Ann Arbor Homes

Ann Arbor Solar company Sunventrix designs and implements solar panel systems for both homes and businesses. They offer systems that can be mounted on roofs or on the ground. Solar panels are a perfect example of clean energy and are a great first step towards reducing your carbon footprint. Not only are these systems a way to contribute to saving the environment, there are also ways to save money. Sunventrix solar panels are eligible for tax credits for your purchase and you get true net metering when your Sunventrix system is operating.

Getting a solar panel quote for Ann Arbor homes is free and is the first step in Sunventrix’s three step process. The first step is getting this free, easy evaluation and quote. Second, Sunventrix and its partners complete a design and install your system. The third and last step is that Sunventrix provides ongoing customer support and five years of system monitoring. Installing Sunventrix’s solar panel systems for your home is a way to save both money and the environment.

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